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"Our family goes out of town several times a year. Recently though, we adopted some pets that would need to be cared for while we were gone. We were worried that we could not find someone caring and qualified enough to care for our pets while we were out of town and we would have to cancel our trips. We decided to give H & H Pet Services a try. They were awesome! They came every day we were gone and not only fed our pets, but really cared for them and spent time with them and made them feel less lonesome. They even offered to get the mail for us! And all at a really great price! Now that we know what a great job Heather does, we will enjoy our trips even more. I would recommend them to anyone."
- The McDonald Family, San Tan Valley AZ




"I would like to thank H&H Pet Services for taking such excellent care of my dog while we were away on vacation. I have to say I was a bit worried because just days before leaving, I found out that my dog had a skin condition and would not only have to have medicine several times a day, but that he would also have to be bathed quite often. We left our dog in the hands of H&H Pet Services knowing that he would be well taken care of. And, the frequent calls ... "is he doing alright?" or "everything still ok?" ... were answered with patience and understanding. H&H Pet Services really care for your pet as if they were their own. I recommend them wholeheartedly. My dog came home a happier pet, his health much improved, and well taken care of. Thank you H&H Pet Services!!" - Shoni Burg, Tempe AZ




"I took a vacation to Europe this year and was gone for 16 days. I had Heather from H&H take care of my dogs, Chloe and Izzy, the entire time I was gone. I called her a couple of times to see how things were going and she assured me everything was fine. I felt so relieved that my babies were under Heather's care. Made my entire vacation much more pleasurable. Heather did an excellent job and I would recommend H&H anytime for your pet sitting needs. They're reliable, dependable and take the worry out of leaving them in somebody else's care. Thanks Heather for doing such a wonderful job." - June Weatherford, Queen Creek, AZ


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