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ATTENTION: before requesting pet sit visits please read this entire page of important information!


We come directly to your home so that your animals feel safe and secure in their own environment. We will spend at least 30 minutes per visit caring and playing with them. We have experience with most pets from fish to horses. Our service provides your pet(s) with the care they need while you are away - right in your own home. Plus your home is more secure with someone arriving on a daily basis while you are away.


Why Use a Professional Pet Sitter?


1.  Your pet(s) stay in their own secure familiar environment;

2.  Your pet(s) follow their customary routine and diet;

3.  Your pet(s) receive loving individual attention;

4.  No travel trauma for you and your pet(s);

5.  We are certified in Pet CPR and know how to handle emergencies;

6.  We will visit your home as close as possible to times discussed with client;

7.  We will provide text or email updates with pictures; and

8.  Family and neighbors don't want to be imposed upon and can cancel at last minute - and they are not insured!



Happy pet sitting clients cared for by H & H Pet Services
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We service the following areas: San Tan Valley and Queen Creek. We do NOT provide service to Florence.


Rates start at $18 per visit (we can provide 1 to 3 visits each day)


For the safety of your pet(s) we require at least 1 daily visit for cats and 2 daily visits for dogs


Our visits last about 30 minutes and include feeding/watering, potty breaks/playtime, scoop out litter box, provide meds if needed (we do NOT do insulin shots), and a house check. At this time we do NOT offer dog walking or overnights as part of our services.

Complimentary Extras (upon request): water plants, take out trash, bring in mail/paper, alternate lights, and poop patrol of yard.

Please Note:  An additional charge per visit may occur on certain Holidays. There may also be additional fees for special needs animals that require more attention and/or medicine, the number of pets in a home, or what you need done at each visit. We will also charge an additional fee for emergencies that might occur (vet visit, locksmith, property damage, etc...)


Initial consultation to your home to meet you and your animals is FREE! Any additional consults requested by client after that will be an additional fee.

Before requesting pet sitting services see the following reasons why boarding may be a better option for your pet(s):

- Our boarding is in a home with acreage - please click on "Boarding" tab to see more info.

- If your dog is destructive/does not like to be left alone - avoid having damage done to home.

- If you only have 1 to 2 dogs and require 2 pet visits daily, the boarding fee is the same price or cheaper, and your dogs get more attention!

- If we cannot provide visits to your home because of any of the reasons listed below - we can board your pet(s) instead. We board cats too!

- Even if your dog does not get along with other dogs, we can still board them! It is very easy to keep your dog separate from others with how our setup is. Click on "Boarding" tab for details.

We CANNOT provide visits to your home if any of the following occur:

-  you leave your dog(s) outside all the time (day and/or night)

-  you have a dog door and don't close it at night (leaving open during the day is fine) -
owners always tell us "our dogs don't bark" but they sometimes act different or become stressed when their owners are gone and we have been confronted by too many angry neighbors in the past with barking dogs keeping them up at night - we know this from many years of experience. We would make sure to come early in the morning and late at night so they are not locked inside for more than 10 hours through the night.

-  you have a dog that is aggressive or scared of strangers 

-  you have a cat that needs medication but hides from strangers

-  your cat(s) have access to go outside

-  if any of the pet(s) at the home we will be visiting do not belong to the home owner/client

-  your dog(s) do not have their rabies shot - proof of paperwork is required (and it's the law!)

-  you own 5 dogs or more and do not have a kennel permit with Pinal County Animal Control - not applicable if you live in Maricopa County.


NO JOB SHARING - while your pet(s) are under our care there will be no job sharing, for the safety of your pet(s) and liability reasons (that includes family, friends and neighbors). No one can enter the property except for the pet sitter while clients are away. That also includes pool cleaners and landscapers - as they may leave the gates open!

Important: For the safety of the pet sitter proof of rabies is required for ALL dogs in the home. Plus it is the law!  Also, if you have dogs or more you are required to obtain a kennel permit from Pinal County Animal control - no matter how much acreage you are on. This is not required if you live in Maricopa County. If you do not have a kennel permit we will not be able to provide you our services.

NEW clients that want to request pet visits:  make sure to read this entire page of important info before requesting our services. Then go to the "contact us" page and send Heather an email or text to see if she is available during the dates you require pet visits - please provide your address and a brief description of your pets. If she is available, then you will receive an email with a link to our questionnaire form that you will need to complete (this will provide detailed care of your pets). After we have reviewed your questionnaire we will let you know if we can provide you our services or not (depending on how you answer the questions). Make sure to provide details - do not put statements like "I will show you when you come for consult".  If we are able to provide you our services then we will contact you to set up an initial consult at your home to meet you and your pet(s). If you are an existing client you do NOT need to complete the questionnaire again - unless your info or pets have changed. NOTE: the form MUST be completed by the OWNER of the pets (with their contact info) - NOT by family or friend.

Please note: we may not be able to do our morning visit until around 7 to 8 AM - depending on our boarding appointments. But we can come late at night. So for example - if you don't have a dog door and want 3 visits a day - we would spread them out as follows: 7:00 AM, 2:00 PM, and 9:00 PM on average.

Existing clients that need pet sit visits:  Contact us by text or email and we will book the visits you need (you can no longer book visits on our online calendar). We offer 1-3 visits a day. We require at least 2 daily visits for dogs and 1 daily visit for cats. You will need to provide the following info in your text or email request: the dates and times you are leaving and returning, and how many total visits you will need while you are away.